Let’s Eat!

What would a Fall festival be like without great food?  Expect GREAT food when you visit our farm!  We will ‘circle the wagons’ and make it fun for you to try some of our farm favorites!

The Grubstake & Diamond Lil’s Diner

Eatsa Pizza!
We have 2 large brick ovens for baking up the best pizza in Anderson, California! Crusty goodness with your choice of toppings — it’s farm-made! Bet ya can’t eat just one slice! 

Sizzlin’ Good!
We’re grilling beef and chicken and handing them over with teriyaki or barbeque sauce for dipping. And if that were not enough, you can get Italian sausage on a stick with a marinara dipper! 

BBQ Sweet Corn

We raise some of the best bi-color sweet corn! Put that corn on a grill and slather it with butter, dump on one of our seasoned salts — wow! Get ’em for the whole family.

Foot-Long Corn Dogs

Our farm food lineup would not be complete without good old county fair style corn dogs.  Not just regular corn dogs — FOOT long corn dogs.  Fresh made corn batter, dipped and deep fried … for the corn dog lover, this is worth the trip in of itself!

Granny Wa’s Sweet Shoppe

Grandma Wanda (little Cody calls her Granny Wa) is one of the best cooks around — her farm-fresh cookin’ is hard to beat!  From soft serve vanilla and chocolate ice cream to pumpkin pie, steamy hot chocolate, sticky cotton candy — you will find tasty sweets to satisfy any craving!

Farm Fresh Kettle Corn

We have perfected Kettle Corn.  Guests claim our kettle corn to be the best they have eaten!  Watch Facebook for BOGO coupons during the season!

wateringHoleThis is the place to be on Saturday night! We’ll be tapping a keg and setting out a selection of local wines to serve up with all of the goodies from our other concessions! Dancing under the Stars and our Concerts in the Country will be perfect with a few trips to the Watering Hole! Beer: Coors and CoorsLight, Angry Orchard, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Lagunitas Ipa and Blue Moon. Wine: (coming soon).