Hawes Farms Express Railroad

We have a lovingly restored 24-inch narrow guage train that was originally built in 1970, a one-third sized replica of the famous Jupiter*. It was number 46 out of the 49 trains made by the Allen Hershell Company, in New York.

The train was sold in 1970 to Florida Scenic Railways in Miami, and it was kept there until 1987. Then it was sold and moved to Ft. Myers, Florida, to a park called Florida Fantasy Island. The next move was to the Long Island Game Farm in Long Island, New York. It remained in New York until the move in 2008 to Hawes Farms in California.

All Aboard!


Board at the Sacramento River Station and ride the Hawes Farms Express out to the Pumpkin Patch and through the Walnut Orchard (beware of hitch-hiking squirrels!) along a total of 4,500 feet of track.

*The Jupiter (officially known as Central Pacific #60) was a steam locomotive which made history as one of the two locomotives to meet at Promontory Summit during the Golden Spike ceremony commemorating the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad.
Source: Wikipedia