Pizza Farm

Pizza Farm

Cows and chickens and sheep! Oh my! Our Pizza Farm has them all and more! Complete with it’s own feed station, each slice features a different farm animal. Little ones can stop by and give a handful of feed to all animals including our sweet piggies! 

Target Practice


Need a little practice before taking on gruesome ghouls in Zombie Slayer? Hawes can help you out! Folks of all ages visit our paintball attraction complete with paintball guns and a variety of targets perfect for practicing your aim. The zombies won’t stand a chance! 

Go, Piggies, Go!

Pig Races

Creating a sense of nostalgia to those who remember state fairs and new delight in those who don’t, Pig Races are a staple here at Historic Hawes Farms! When these cute little fellas race out of the chute in search of treats, the farm erupts in cheers and laughter! Races are available on the weekends at 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm. 

The Pumpkin Barn

Pumpkin Barn

There are a few ways to find the perfect pumpkin at Hawes Farms. You can load the kids up on a wagon and head out to our 5-acre patch OR you can visit the Pumpkin Barn! Each fall, Farmer Greg picks from over 50 varieties of pumpkins and puts them in the Pumpkin Barn for folks to choose from! As you can see, there’s quite a selection! 

Bumper Tractors Are Here!


Yee-haw!!!!! Check out the new and exciting Bumper Tractors at Historic Hawes Farms! Featuring dual gears, these speed machines can race forward, backward, and even spin ’round and ’round! It’s so much fun, you can hear the hoopin’ and a’hollerin of the folks driving above the roaring engines! 

Tasting Teaser


Hawes Farms is excited about our A Taste of the Maze event! How often do you get to enjoy a bold Shiraz or a crisp lager and gourmet food while exploring a maze? Our participating vendors are excited as well and a few have given us a preview about what they will be pouring! 

Wildcard Brewing Company: “We’re excited to serve our Ruby Red IPA. It has an intense hop aroma carrying oral and citrus notes. Nice piney bitterness strikes the tongue and leaves with a dry finish.”

Westside Wines: “We’re pouring our BR Cohn Russian River Chardonnay. This wine offers aromas of pear, apple, and citrus surrounded by toasty French oak and crisp acidity with flavors of green apple and lemon.” 

Moseley Family Cellars: “Our Syrah is smoky, meaty, and full of plum. It is a full-bodied wine and perfect for a chilly day!”

Woody’s Brewing Co.: “Named after the Famous Viking Hop Warrior, we’re serving our Hopzerker Double IPA. This smooth creation has a whopping 73 IBU’s using generous amounts of Centennial and Cascade hops, resulting in the perfect balance of malt, hop, and aroma.”

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The Towering Goat Walk

The Goat Walk

Feeding goats is fun, but feeding goats at Hawes is AWESOME! Visitors of all ages love The Towering Goat Walk! At each end of the walk, there is a conveyor belt with a little cup attached to it. After dropping a handful of feed into the cup, visitors crank the handle. When the cup gets to the top of the belt, it rings a bell before emptying the feed into a bucket. When the goats hear the bell, they make their way to the top to get their treat. Needless to say, the goats think it’s pretty cool, too! 

Tasting at the Farm

A Taste of the Maze

Equipped with a souvenir wine glass and a map, patrons can explore our 7-acre corn maze while sampling wares from local breweries and wineries! Participating vendors include Wildcard Brewing Company, Woody’s Brewing Co, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Westside Wines, and Moseley Family Cellars. 

Enjoy delicious gourmet pairings including roasted garlic chicken wings, honey-sweetened cornbread, Hawes fresh tomato bruschetta, and pasta with fresh pesto sauce. 

The event is from 2pm to 6pm. Tickets include general admission to the farm and all activities included in the Farm Fun Pass. 

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