Rocks For Socks Success!

Rocks For Socks

Rocks for Socks brought out the best in folks last weekend at Historic Hawes Farms! Founded last year by John Kirk and Joe Blythe, Rocks for Socks is a musical concert where admission is a new pair of socks, gently used clothing, and blankets for the homeless community. The event was a huge success and volunteers were able to collect 1,300 donations, surpassing last year’s event by 300! Hawes Farms and everyone at Rocks for Socks would like to thank all those who contributed for their kindness and generosity

Who Wants to Race?

Go Karts

Farmer Greg has always had a fondness for go-karts. As a child, he remembers racing them at the fair and going around and around on the track. This year, Farmer Greg is sharing that experience with those visiting Historic Hawes Farms. As you can see, his love for go-karts is contagious! Vroooom! 

Folks Join the Cause with Hawes


This year, Hawes Farms has partnered with in a 2-week blood drive to increase bank reserves and save lives. Per, they have received 252 donors over the last 10 days which is a 75% increase in comparison to their average of 189 donors over the same time period! 

Donate by  Saturday, October 15th to receive FREE admission to Historic Hawes Farms!

Click here for locations.  


Behind the Scenes at the Haunts

Historic Haunts Farms

It’s that time of year when Hawes turns from a peaceful farm to a world of doom as the ghost of Ezra Duval and his army terrorize those who dare cross his path. To get an idea of what it’s like to create this world of horror, we sat down with Haunts Manager, James Sutherland.

When asked how this year’s Haunts differ from previous seasons, James explained, “This year’s haunts are grounded in a story which allowed us to create a coherent narrative underlying the scares. This made everything tie together better, whereas in previous years they were more of a grab bag of individual scares.”

From set designers to actors, there are several moving parts to the Haunts. In regards to what it’s like working on this kind of project, James replied, “It’s wonderful in a lot of ways. Working creatively with other creative people is always a fantastic experience, and there are a ton of dedicated and really fun people on our team. It’s also great to watch something come together from literally nothing to its final form.” He added, “It’s also really fun to get paid to scare people.”

In regards to the overall Haunts experience, James stated, “I hope our visitors leave having had a great time being terrified in our haunts. I’ll be honest, and I feel a little mean saying this, but I love the fact that not everyone can make it through. That’s a great testament to the quality of our work.”


Wild West at Hawes

Wild West

Hawes Farms is proud to present Law Dawgs and Pistoleros at this year’s Wild West Weekend! Law Dawgs and Pistoleros is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of the “The Olde West”. The organization was founded by two Civil War Re-Enactors, Lee Dummel and Keith Morris. Once word got out, the group quickly grew to about fifty members. Featuring original (or accurate reproductions of) guns, clothing, and equipment, the show consists of gun fights between outlaws and lawman, train robberies, range wars, and more! 

Come on down for a rootin’ tootin’ time at the farm! 

Zombie Slayer!

Zombie Slayer

Grab your paintballs and hitch a ride on a hay wagon to Zombie Slayer! Keep your eye out for creatures making their way out of the trees, abandoned vehicles and buildings! Great for visitors of all ages! 

Please note, paintballs can be purchased at Hawes. No outside paintballs can be used. 


Join the Cause with Hawes


This year, Hawes is joining forces with to help revitalize our local blood banks. provides blood to over 40 hospitals in Northern California.

It has been projected that banks are 4,700+ pints below required inventory levels. Replenishing bank levels has the potential to save 14,000 lives!

To show our appreciation, all those who donate blood will receive Free Admission to our annual Harvest Festival! 

Click here for locations.  


Rocks for Socks

Rocks for Socks

On Saturday, October 8th from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm, Historic Hawes Farms is proud to host this year’s Rocks for Socks event! The brain child of John Kirk and Joe Blythe, Rocks for Socks is a musical concert that acts as a drive to collect socks, warm clothes and blankets for the homeless.

The admission fee to the event is a pair of new socks or gently used coats, warm clothes, and blankets.

So grab some socks and enjoy amazing music from 9 local bands

Johnson Blythe ~ Folkytonk
Sami Jo ~ Country
The Spyders ~ Classic Rock
Blackwell Brothers ~ Blues Rock
Liquid Amber ~ 90’s Rock
The Pine Dogz ~ Country Rock
After Thot ~ Classic Rock
Johnny Token ~ Reggae
Magic Bus ~ Original Rock