School Field Trips

Field trips are by reservation only and are scheduled throughout the week. Sessions begin at 8:30 am and each 1/2 hour after up till Noon. Plan on staying at least 2 hours—or longer if you want to have a picnic lunch at the farm.  Please remember that the children work up quite a thirst running around and you might want to send extra water for them or have their parents add a water bottle to their lunch. Submit your reservation request at least 8 days in advance of your field trip to allow Hawes Farmers plenty of time to prepare for your visit.

Students can enjoy a scenic ride on our Hawes Farms Express Railroad.  For an extra $3.00 per student, parent, or chaperone, you can ride on our 24 gauge train around our pumpkin patch and through our Walnut orchard.  Our train was the 46th of 49 trains ever built by the Allan Herschell Company back in New York.  The Hawes Express is a replica of the “Jupiter” which was the train that went from California to Promissory Point in Utah when the transcontinental railroad was completed in 1863.  This date is also special to us, since 1863 is the year William Hawes moved to Anderson and began purchasing our farm land.



New this Fall!  Students will be able to roam through authentic military encampments for hands-on learning adventure. They will see scripted battles with artillery, cavalry and infantry troops — and watch cannons booming! There will be both Union and Confederate soldiers presenting military drills and demonstrations.  Curriculum suitable for grades K-12!  

Go to:  Civil War Reenactments Field Trips

Fall Harvest Field Trips

We split the focus of our Fall Harvest Field Trips depending on student age groups.  Younger students will enjoy a planting and harvesting theme, while the older students field trip learning venture is in our cornfield maze.  And everyone will enjoy hayrides and pumpkins!

Go to: Fall Harvest Field Trips

Old Deschutes Mine Field Trips

Blend local history lessons with an exciting, hands-on learning adventure into the world of old California miners on the Old Deschutes Mine Field Trips.  Stir in some instruction on geology and semi-precious gems!  Get a grubstake of mining ‘rough’ and head out to the sluices for a real adventure that will appeal to students of all ages.
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